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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

3:46 AM

Preteen birthday sex


Related article: Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 15:46:26 +0000
From: David R Briggs
Subject: David's Story Chapter 5Authors note: This is my first attempt at writing a story like this, so
please keep that in mind while reading the pages to elite preteen sex follow. My grammar is
poor by most standards, and i really don't care either. I'm not writing
this to impress you with my grammar and syntax. I am writing this however
to give you a window preteen thong art into my life and the people I have shared my life
Now the legal stuff:1. you are supposed to be 18 to read this.2. if it is illegal where you are too read this type of story, it is
entirely your responsibility to stop right now.3. This story is not all gratuitus sex but there is sex involving
consenting males under the age of 18. Mainly because this story involves
the details of my life and I have had my share of sex when I was a teen.4. If this type of reading material offends you, do not continue!
being said i hav no way of knowing who will read this so enjoy if you will
at your own risk5. Of course this is my story and My intelectual property, but feel free
to read copy and distribute it as long as you keep the disclaimer and give
credit where and when it is due. David's Story
Chapter 5
I walked Brad home after, what was decidedly the most awsome sex I
had ever had. I was still a little high from the sex, but the talk
afterwards had me reeling. I usually don't dwell on the act, but it was
hot. I had to think. Brad blue preteen models professed feelings for me, that until recently
only existed in my fantasies. I made my way back home. Thankfully, dad
wasn't home. I would certainly have trouble explaining that goofy grin on
my face. I suddenly became aware of the gravity of it all. I was in still
in the closet, quite heavily I might add. My dad would kill me if he found
out. I didn't even know if I loved Brad. I mean, sure we fooled around,
but I thought it would just be a one time thing. Brad had feelings for me.
At least he said he did. This was happening all too quick for me. I
regretted having gone that far with Brad. I think I should have stopped
it, but that would have ruined our friendship. He would have thought I was
freaking out on him. Being a gay teen is hard enough blue preteen models to deal with. It's
not like a herero situation. The guy or the girl nude preteen midgets are able to stop it and
there is almost a no harm no foul clause. For gay people, the results can
range from a rejection to, I shuuder to think fucking hot preteens how bad it could be. I had
to ask myself some questions about this whole situation.
Do I regret what we did? To be entirely honest with
myself,no. Would I do it again? Hell yes. Do I want some kind preteen thong art of
relationship with Brad?
I was stuck with that question for a while. My mind was racing
with thoughts. I kept comming back to the same painful of it all. I would
be risking everything if I did. I was still battling the demons of my
childhood. The fear of preteen model web
rejection. The fear of being taunted for the rest
of my life. The fear that I would lose my relationship with my father. I
sat on my bed with my knees drwn up to my chest. I had all of these
emotions running around in my head. I was trying to deal drug funlumpkinsed preteens
with them
seperately but, They kept rushing at me all at once. I was beginning to
think I was worse off than I thought. I thought back to what I told Brad.
I was honest with him. I told him I wanted to take things slowly. I do
like him but love is a big step for me right now. Sure, the idea is
wolderful. Who doesn't dream preteen fetish pic of being in love. I knew my history well
enough to know I would most likely be uprooted again. I wasn't sure I
could give my heart to somebody then lose it all in the blink of an eye. I
was till in shock from the events of the recent past. I was so confused.
I decided to talk to Brad and discuss this with him. I want us to be more
than just friends. I really do. I dont want my heart broken, more
importantly, I don't want to break his heart. I need to sleep on this. I
will look at this with a clear head. I was too filled with emotions to even
I drifted off to sleep around midnight. I slept fitfully that
night. I woke up screaming around four in the morning. I was terrified.
I was shaking so badly I could barely breath. My dad came into my room
ready to repell whatever had me preteen japanese models screaming. He looked around the room
carefully, before looking at me. Dad rushed over to me held me in his arms
like when I was little. I was still shaking. I couldn't even remember the
dream. If it was so bad, my sub-conconcious wouldn't let me remember it, I
don't think I want to know. I knew I was safe, because dad was there, I
just couldn't get past that terrified feeling. I knew my father was there.
He was saying something, but I couldn't here him. I was like he was off on
the didtance calling to me. I don't know how long I was there like that.
I noticed the sun shining through my window some time later. I looked over
at my clock, it was 11:30. My father was still there. He was naturist model preteen propped up
in the corner ilegal preteen sex of my bed quietly sleeping. I got up and went to the
bathroom. I came back into the room and sat down on the edge of my bed.
My father woke with a start. I turned and rested my hand on his arm. He
looked at me and relaxed.
Dad said " Are you ok?" I said " I had a nightmare I guess. I
can't remember it though. It's almost as if it is too frightening to
remember." Dad said " You woke up screaming. I ran in here thinking you
were being attacked. When I got in here you were sweating buckets. You
were shaking so badly, I thought you were going to come unglued. I tried
speaking to you. You had a blank stare on your face like you weren't in
there. I'm worried about you David. You really havn't talked about what
happened in the park. I think you havn't dealt with it. If you want to
see someone, just say the word." There was genuine concern in my father's
eyes. I got a little scared when he told me how I looked. I havn't ever
had dreams like this.
I looked at dad and said " You know, I really havn't dealt with it.
I haven't even talked with my friends about it. I always seem to change
the subject. Maybe this is how it's all catching up with me. I don't
think I could handle another night like that.
Dad said " I'll make some calls for you. Your doctor said this
might happen. I have to go into the office for a while today. I really
don't want to leave you alone today. Why don't you come in with me." I
didn't want to go, but I figured it would give us some time together. Dad
has been working a lot lately. I had barely seen him since we moved here.
This might just be a good time for us to catch up. I said " Are you sure I
wont be in the way? I know you've been busy the past few weeks. I
just...." He cut me off. Dad said " You are never in my way. preteens very hot You are all
I have left." Tears were welling up in his eyes. My dad pulled me into a
tight hug. I had to tap him preteen thong art on the back. " Dad.. Dad.. too tight...can't
breath. He let me go and looked at me. He said " Come on now.. get
dressed. I'll buy you a late brakfast."
As I was getting ready to go, i heard dad on the phone talking to
someone. He said "...I don't care what it takes, just have security get a
pass ready for him. He's my son and he needs me. I won't leave him alone
today Chuck. You didn't see the look in his eyes. He was scared
whitless. (pause) OK. Thanks Chuck. I owe you one."
I finished dressing and went downstairs. Dad was still getting
ready, so I called Brad to let him erotic preteen underwear know I wouldn't be around today. We
were supposed to hang out today. I called him. " Hello " " Um.. is Brad
there?" " Just a minute " I heard someone calling Brad."Hello" " Hi Brad" "David?" "Yeah" "Oh hey dude. You ready to go over to
Aarons?" " Um Brad. Actually, that's why I'm calling. This whole thing
with the attack is bugging me a bit more than I thought. I had a pretty
rough night. My dad is in parent mode today. He wants me to go into work
with him" " David, what happened? Are you ok?" " I had a bad bream, but it
really freaked me out. I just couldn't stop shaking." " David, call me
when you get home. Please" " How could I resist. You're my best friend"
Brad was crying "David, are we ok?" "Brad, we went through this
yesterday." "I know we did. Sometimes things change overnight." "I told
you that I was ok with it. That's what I meant. I don't go off changing
my mind overnight." "I'm just worried Dave." "Whell don't. I don't say
anything unless I mean it. home sweet preteen
Look, I have to to this thing with my dad
today. I have barely seen him since we moved here. Come over tonight and
we'll spend some time together. See if you can stay the night and let me
know when you come over. Ok? "OK" "I gotta run" "bye Dave" "bye Brad" Dad was comming downstairs as I hung up. He said " Who was that?"
I said " I called Brad to let him know I wasn't going to be around today."
Dad said " Oh. That's the kid from down the street right?" I said " Yeah.
He's pretty cool. We've been hanging out. He 's gonna be going to the
same school." Dad said " Whell, lets get going." We asain preteen lesbain
got out to the car,
and got in. We were pretty quiet till we were on ilegal preteen sex the expressway. asain preteen lesbain
I said "
Dad, I don't want you to get into trouble for bringing me into work with
you." Dad looked at me then looked back at the road. He smiled and said "
You're not going to get me into trouble. Where woul you get an idea
like.... Oh, you heard me on the phone didn't you?" I said " yeah." Dad
said " They are just a little tight about security right now. We're almost
ready preteen masturbating girls
to introduce a new product. They get a little paranoid every time we
do it. We're not going onto the production floor, so there's nothing to
worry about." I said " What do you have to do today?" He said " We had to
fire our tech support guy. He was drinking on the job. So, I'm stuck
putting together computers for a new team comming in next week. I almost
regret putting my computer knowledge on my resume." I said " Um dad, Have
you forgotten that I just happen to be skilled in that particular area?"
He said " Dave, It wouldn't want to bother you with this. You have enough
to worry about without having to deal with my workload." I said " Aw come
on dad. We can get this don in half the time. Besides, it would keep my
mind off all the crap that's bugging me." I whined at huim when I spoke.
He had no chance. It was his weakness. All I had to was whine, and he was
helpless to resist.
Dad agreed. We worked on the systems and got all of them done in
about two hours. We packed up the systems and put them on a cart. Dad
took them down to the computer preteen masturbating girls lab to have the software loaded onto them.
He came back up and we left. We went and had lunch afterwards. It was
like old times. I had fun star preteen bbs just hanging out with my father. Most teens
don't like their parents for some reason. My dad was cool. He even liked
the same music as me. We did some shopping and bought a lot of stuff for
school. We talked about the swim team. I told him I wanted to try out for
it. He thought that might be a good idea. We got back to the house a
short while later. We weren't home ten minutes before the phone rang. Dad
answered it. Whoever he was talking to got him really pissed off. He hung
up and went into the den for a while.
Dad came out a little while later obviously upset. He said " Dave,
I have to...." I cut him off " You have to go out of town again huh?
Whell, at least we had today. I had fun, and I got to see where you work."
He said " I'm sorry about this. I don't really have a choice in the
matter. It might seem like a simple decision to you, but we just bought
this house. I can't afford to nudism preteen grils
quit right now." I said " Dad, it's ok. I
understand that you have to do what it takes to support us. Do I like it
that you have to travel all the time for work? Yes and no. No, because we
can't hang out together. Most kids don't get along with their parents.
All we have is each other, so it is just natural that we are friends as
well as father and son. I do like it when you travel, because it gives me
the chance to see what it's like to live on my own. Besides, I get to
throw all kinds of wild parties." I laughed at that last statement. Dad
said " I just don't feel right leaving you here right now." I said " Dad,
I have some pretty great friends. We all seem to have our own problems,
but we seem to have what the other is missing. I will have plenty to keep
me occupied while you are gone. I don't want to sound like the parent here
but, where are you going and how long will you preteen nonude gallery
be gone?" preteens forever nudes He laughed and
said " I guess you do sound like a parent. It's nothing all that
glamerous. I'm just going to India for a month." He smiled. I puched him
in the arm. I said " Just India huh?
Dad said " I'd take you with me, but you have school starting in a
few weeks. I'll leave you a credit card like before, and I'll make
arrangements for food and stuff for you. I already signed permission slips
for drivers ED if you decide to take it. I'm going to leave my cell phone
here. Use it as you wish, just don't run my bill up. home sweet preteen I'm flying out
tomorrow night. Is there anything you need before to have for school or
around the house before I go?" I said " I have some cash but, my reserve
fund is low. I bought some programs for preteens nipple my computer. I have about a
hundred bucks left. If I'm careful, I coud preteens forever nudes
get by for two weeks preteen ass gallery
using the
card where I can. I don't likke the idea of using that caed though." Dad
said " Just go to an ATM when you need money. It doesn't matter to me.
Just have someone with you when you do it. Do Not Go Alone. Think about
your safety." I said " Dad, the last thing I want to do is get hurt again.
I'll get Brad's mom to take me. She's a regular June Cleaver." Dad laughed
at that. He said " You know, I really haven't met your friends. I've only
seen them long enough to watch you head out the door with them. Why don't
you invite them over for dinner. We'll do pizza or something." I said "
I'll see if they can. While you are at it, it wouldn't hurt to make some
friends here too. I know you're busy, but you need to." Dad smiled and
walked back into the den. I called Brad and Aaron to see if they could
come over. Aaron almost couldn't come over until I told his dad that my
dad wanted to know that my friends were ok before he left for his trip. I
guess he understood all about that. I told him that dad had to go away on
business and was really overprotective since my attack. He asked to speak
to my preteen bikini toplist dad for a minute. I told dad to pick up the phone and talk to
Aaron's dad for a minute. They were still on the phone when Brad and Aaron
got there. Aaron had to go to the bathroom and excused himself. home sweet preteen Brad
waited till he was in the bathroom and looked around. He walked yp to me
and gave a kiss. It was slow and passionate. We almost didn't hear Aaron
comming back from the bathroom. We broke our kiss just in time. We tried
to act like nothing happened. Aaron said " What are you two up to? You
two are acting guilty." I said " Dude, it's all in your head." Aaron
started to say something, but dad came out of the den. He turned to look
at dad and back at us. He got this weird look on his face then smiled.
Aaron said " Hi Mr. O'leary. Nice to see you again. No need to worry
about Dave-o here. He has some real good friends. Some better than
others." He turned to look at Brad and I and winked.
I was a little more than scared now. Brad had a panicked look on
his face too. Dad spoke up next. He said " So guys, What do you feel like
for dinner? There's pizza, Chinese, or you can be adventerous and try
Indian. I figured I'd throw that one in there, because the food is good,
and it is something a little different." I said " Dad is just trying to
rub in the fact that he is going to India for a month on home sweet preteen his company.
Don't let him influence you. Just get whatever you want." Brad said " I'd
be willing to try it if you guys will." Aaron said " I've had it before.
It's pretty good stuff. I even know a place that delivers." I said " Oh,
all right then. I'm game. You'll have to help me pick something out
Aaron. The hotter the better." Aaron called the restaraunt and had them
fax a menu to the house. We looked it over, and decided on what to get.
We decided to just hang out and talk while we waited for the food. Dad
went over to the stereo and turned it on. The guys looked at him anime preteen art oddly
when he settled on a station. He chose the local modern rock station.
Aaron said " You don't have to put that on just because we're here." It
was my turn to laugh. I said " He's not doing it to humor us Aaron. That
is his favorite station. If you don't believe me go out to the jag and
check the presets on the radio." Aaron said " You actually like this?"
Dad said " whell, I don't really care for 'green day', I'm more of a
crystal method and creed fan." He smiled as the guys looked wide eyed at
him. We all talked about music and bands. They were surprised to find an
adult that actually liked the same music as us. I went into the kitchen to
get us all something to drink. I came back into the livingroom to find dad
in full parent mode. He was asking the usual parent questions for meeting
the friends of his son. I said " Dad, they were thinking preteen japanese models you were somewhat
cool until you started with the dad stuff." Dad said " Dave, I'm willing
to risk being uncool if it means I get to know that my sone is safe while
I'm away." I put a hand on his shoulder and said " I know dad, you have to
do your job as a parent." Brad said " He's still cool dave. My parents
would never listen to my music, let alone discuss it with my friends. I
think your dad is more than a parent. He asked us questions like a friend
does. Parents don't do that, friends do though."
At that point, I don't think I could have been more proud of my
dad. I was standing behind Brad and Aaron and mouthed 'Thank you dad'. He
nodded and changed the subject. He asked all kinds of questions about
school and what kind of sports they were into. We talked about swimming
and possibly gymnastics. The food came and we talked more during dinner.
The food was fantastic. I had a vegetarian dish with tofu. It tasted very
good but, boy was it ever hot. Aaron laughed when I took the first preteen daughters bite.
He was a little surprised at my reaction. nude pedo preteens He ordered it very spicy as a
joke, but found out that it was just how I like it. After dinner, dad
excused himself saying he had to preteen model web
pack for his trip. We all went up to my
room after cleaning up the dishes. blue preteen models
I put my leftovers in the fridge for a
late-nite snack later.
Once we were in my room, it got quiet for a few minutes. I was
thinking about what Aaron said earlier. Aaron notice I was quiet. I
couldn't look him in the eye. He picked up on that too. He said " Dude, I
didn't mean to freak you out earlier, but I see there is something bugging
you guys, and it will only get worse till you talk about it." I said "
There is nothing bugging me. Just drop it." There was a little more
hostility than I wanted in my voice. I looked at brad an he shrugged his
shoulders. I said " Aaron I have to talk to Brad for a minute. Just stay
here for a minute and we'll be right back. Brad followed me out of the
room and down into the laundry room. I said " Brad, I think he saw us or
at least knows something is going on. He will continue to bug us about it
until either we tell him or he finds out. I don't know about you, but I
would rather be honest with him." Brad said " He comes from a pretty
liberal family. He would probably understand. As far as suspecting is
concerned, I think he saw us. He came down the stairs pretty star preteen bbs heavily when
he came back from the bathroom. Aaron never walks heavily. He's too quiet
a guy for that. I think he saw us and wanted to avoid an awkward preteen nonude gallery moment.
Why don't we just play it by ear. Either of us can tell him. Lets just go
back up and talk to him and see what he knows." We walked back to my room
to find Aaron just sitting out there looking kds nymphets preteen out the window. horny topless preteens
I called out
to him and he wouldn't turn around. I walked over and touched him on the
shoulder. I saw that he had tears in his eyes. I said " Aaron, Brad and I
need to talk to you." He turned around and you could see that there was
pain in his eyes. Aaron said " I know." I said " Waht do you know." He
said " I saw you two when I was comming back from the bathroom." I sat
down and put my head in my hands. I said " We didn't mean for you to find
out like that. I just happened and there is no way to change it. However,
I do want to know what you intend to do with your knowledge of this."
Aaron said " Don't worry, your secret, if that's what you want it to be, is
safe with me. I am mad though. No, mad preteen nude camp
isn't the word here. Hurt is a
much better word. I'm hurt that you didn't TRUST me enough to tell me.
Especially tou Brad. Yuo of all people should know better. I expected it
form David, because he doesn't know me that well, but you." Aaron was
openly sobbing now. This was a side of him that I naver saw. I didn't
think he could be that sensitive. He was truly hurt that we didn't trust
him enough to tell him about ourselves.
Brad spoke up " Aaron, I didn't tell you, because I didn't think it
was important enough. It is such a small part of who I am. I also didn't
know how you would react. Yuo may think it's an easy thing to do, but it
is the hardest thing in the world to do. I have cgi bbs preteen tried a million times to
tell you and chickened out at the last minute. I never intended to hurt you
or decieve you. Yes. Yes I am gay. I didn't want to be. I just am.
It's tough being gay and a teenager too. Take a look at the news sometime
dude. A bunch of guys in montana beat the shit out of a kid and left him
in the middle of nowhere to die. If you were me, you would hide too. I
don't want that to happen to me too. You try living with that rattling
around in your head for a few years. Then tell me of you would have done
the same thing." Brad was leaning up against the wall. He just slid down
the wall. He sat there on the floor with his knees touching his chest. He
looked like he was drained. I was watching Brad the entire time he spole.
I turned to look at Aaron. He was just standing there like he was in a
Aaron walked over to me and looked me right in the eye. I was a
little nn preteen pictures nervous. I can normally read a person's emotions by looking in
their eyes. I couldn't tell with Aaron this time. Aaron said " You. Are
you?" I nodded " How did you guys find out? About each other anyway." He
still had the same look in his eye. I said " Aaron, I am going to spare
you some details which are private. Brad came to me. He told me about his
feelings for me. He took ls cheerful preteen a big risk in telling me. I have feelings for
Brad. I don't want to offend you, but those feelings are also private. If
you really want to know, you will need brad's permission for me to talk
about it." Aaronlooked naturist model preteen over his shoulder at Brad. Brad nodded
I took a breath and said " Aaron, I care very much for Brad. I may
even love him. The last thing either of us meant to do is cause you any
pain. Our parents don't even know. We wanted to sort out all the things
rattling nude preteen midgets
around in out heads first. anal preteen models
We only just found out about each
other a couple days ago." Aaron looked at me intensly. He seemed to be
trying to red me. He said " I have known Brad a lot longer than I have
known you. I don't care as long as you don't make a pass at me or
anything. As far as you and Brad are concerned, I will say one thing to
you an leave it at that. If you EVER hut him, I will end you. I will
punch your fucking lungs out. You got that?"
I nodded. Aaron stepped back to look at me for a minute. He said
" Do I get a hug now?" Aaron opened his arms for an embrace. I hugged
him. He turned to Brad and pulled him up to do the same thing. I felt
better that things turned out ok. I was still scared that somebody knew.
I'm going to leave it there for now. I have chapter six don and will send
it when I can. I'm having some trouble with my health lately. My doctor
told me to rest and relax for a while. I'm doing just that. I have a
feeling I'll be spending a lot of time just sitting by the pool. I'll get
some writing done.
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